Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic Achieves OMRI Certification

Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic recently achieved OMRI certification after a two year effort. Our product is the first one of its kind in the wastewater field to achieve organic certification from the primary regulatory authority. OMRI certification is the highest level of organic product designation available in the industry. Starting in the third quarter of 2013, [...]

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ByoSoil at World Ag Expo

Byo-Gon, Inc. had a great trade show at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA this year. We’ve seen tremendous interest in our ByoSoil 100P product (now retailing at Tractor Supply Company nationwide) for soil enhancement and growth. Our results from alfalfa, wheat, turf, and gardening applications show increased plant performance really is about healthier [...]

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Byo-Gon CEO Wins “Best Idea for Business”

CHARLESTON, SC (November 16, 2012) – Local business owner, Ronald Pote, took home the grand prize at The Perfect Pitch contest from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce earlier this weekfor his product, ByoSoil 200. Pote impressed judges with his invention, ByoSoil 200. The organic product provides customers with a means to encapsulate salt in [...]

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Making the Move for Greener Golf

With the 2012 PGA Championship coming up just around the corner, golf has been on the minds of Charlestionians more than usual this time of year (despite the 100 degree temperatures). This year the PGA sponsored a home on James Island, South Carolina (see pictures below) with Sea Island Habitat for Humanity. ByoSoil was thankful [...]

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The Effects of Nematodes on Plant Roots and Turfgrass

After visiting a client at a local golf course in South Carolina yesterday we witnessed first hand the devastating damage that can be done on golf courses due to plant-parasitic nematodes. The problems presented by these roundworms are very severe and are having an increasing impact on the quality of courses across the country, especially [...]

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Golf Course “Junkies”

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with one of our golf course customers in New Brunswick, Canada. His Donald Ross-designed course looked great and he relayed to me why… This superintendent, like many others, had bought into all the chemical and fertilizer vendor hype to add more and more nutrients, herbicides, fungicides, [...]

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ByoSoil 100 Soil Conditioner All Natural Gardening Product Announcement

Mr. Ronald Pote, President, Byo-Gon, Inc. announces the company is in the final development stages for a new retail gardening product with a launch date projected for the first quarter of 2011 with official release in Charleston, SC. Byo-Gon, Inc., which recently opened offices in Charleston, provides all natural biostimulant products used in wastewater treatment, [...]

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ByoSoil 200 Project in Northern Louisiana Started

In early October, Gary Jones began agricultural treatment of three separate locations for salt remediation in northeastern Louisiana. He commented that the dry conditions delayed the treatment a couple of weeks but he was able to initiate this project and get all three locations treated with ByoSoil 200. The goal of this project is to reduce [...]

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ByoSoil 100 Project Success in Upstate New York

ByoSoil 100 was applied in April at a farm in upstate New York. Christmas trees, pumpkins, and a corn maze are integral parts of this large operation. Although it was reported that this was a "good year" for pumpkins—we did have ripe pumpkins in the treated areas on August 5 (earliest ever) and most of [...]

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