Byo-Gon, Inc. had a great trade show at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA this year. We’ve seen tremendous interest in our ByoSoil 100P product (now retailing at Tractor Supply Company nationwide) for soil enhancement and growth. Our results from alfalfa, wheat, turf, and gardening applications show increased plant performance really is about healthier microbes and better organic content.

Our salt encapsulation technology has a new name—SaltBind. You’ll see this product utilized on west coast agricultural and vineyard applications as well as turf applications where salt water intrusion is a problem here in the Lowcountry of SC. One of our vineyard customers in CA has been able to reduce irrigation water requirements by 30% with the use of SaltBind.

We introduced ByoSoil Alka-Fix at this year’s WAE and we’ve already shipped some trial product to Yakima, WA for use on grapes. It provides an outstanding way to reduce the harmful effects of sulfuric acid used for pH and bicarbonate control in irrigated soils. It’s a 0-0-0 hazard rated product that controls soil pH in a non-corrosive and safe way. Looking forward to trial results in the first quarter 2013.