ByoSoil SaltBind and ByoSoil 100P were both instrumental in resolving a long-standing problem a large estate on Wadmalaw Island, SC. This particular location close to the saltwater marsh, has historically had high salt levels in their well water used for irrigation. These chlorides and soluble salts tend to dehydrate the roots of turf and ornamental plantings – choking off their ability to uptake nutrients and survive.

As can be seen from the photo the treated areas in front of this estate now are growing and vibrant. ByoSoil products are added through the irrigation water system and we are utilizing this saltwater intruded well water as the water source, thus saving money from using high cost reverse osmosis water. SaltBind has effectively encapsulated the salts in the soil and ByoSoil 100P has provided the soil microbes and unique humates to successfully stimulate lush growth.