Farmers seek fertilizer alternatives and soil amendments as soil quality continues to degrade over many parts of the United States. Various additives have depleted the natural microbial population, which are necessary to process nutrients (N-P-K) in order for them to be available for uptake into plants and crops. As a result, overuse of conventional fertilizers occurs, which causes other soil issues such as salt and phosphate build-up, and increases production costs for farmers.

Natural Soil Amendments

ByoSoil products are a blend of a number of exclusive components designed to correct soil problems and provide basic nutrient requirements of plants and crops. The primary ingredients include the following;

  • A proprietary humic acid extract, 98.5% Pure, 100% Active
  • A blend of essential soil microbes, 39.8-54.6 billion cfu/gallon (200 million cfu/ml)
  • Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic Patented Microbial accelerant

Fertilizer Alternative for Farmers

ByoSoil products are designed specifically for Agricultural and Home garden applications. They have the following benefits;

  • Detoxifies the soil from the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with conventional fertilizers and regular chemical products.
  • Increases plant beneficial microbes within the soil
  • Serves as an effective chelating agent, magnifying the availability of vital plant nutrients, including nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and trace minerals.
  • Increases nutrient and water storage through more efficient cellular uptake
  • Improve organic soil structure through humic acid technology
  • Reduces disease pressure via beneficial microbial activity that breaks down both carbohydrates and protein components of harmful bacteria and disease pathogens.
  • Contains food grade ingredients that are safe for use around animals, fish and humans

ByoSoil is Used Successfully to Treat Soil Problems for a Number of Customers:

  • Dairy Farms, Row Crops
  • Vineyards and Wineries
  • Hay and Alfalfa
  • Home Gardens
  • Fruit Orchards


Learn how ByoSoil, ByoGrow, ByoDetox and ByoHumic can transform your soil naturally

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Download the brochure

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