Sports Fields & Turf

The ByoSoil ByoGrow product is a 100% natural microbial treatment for all your green landscaping needs. This product treats many types of problems that occur in the lawn and landscaping market and is an all natural solution to chemical fertilizers. Each of ByoSoil’s microbes plays an essential part in conditioning the soil to make it a higher quality top soil. Some of ByoSoil ByoGrow’s highly specific microbes target diseases like Fairy Ring and Brown Patch and aid soil health recovery after the use of damaging chemicals. Using ByoSoil in your treatment regimen will:

  • Manage your soils (compaction)
  • Increase availability of nutrients
  • Reduce disease pressures
  • Reduce costs per acre for N-P-K
  • Increase microbial populations

Sports fields use ByoSoil ByoGrow to:

  • Support turf recovery
  • Accelerate root development
  • Recover from Hydraulic spills
  • Stimulate overseed establishment
  • Remedy Fairy Ring

Sod Farms use ByoSoil ByoGrow to:

  • Increase germination
  • Increase water holding characteristics
  • Reduce disease pressures
  • Promote root development

ByoSoil ByoGrow Product Specifications

  • Soil conditioner and nutrient supplement

  • Increases plant beneficial microbes within the soil

  • Detoxifies the soil from the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with conventional fertilizers and regular chemical products

  • Improves organic soil structure through humic acid technology and increases moisture retention and permeability

  • All Organic option

  • Costs less than conventional options

  • Provides an abundance of beneficial soil microbes to outcompete pathogenic organisms

ByoSoil ByoGrow contains an advanced biostimulant alkaloid compound that is derived from plant extracts. This patented component provides for microbial stimulation that functions at a sub-enzymatic level—naturally increasing biological activity and facilitating beneficial microbial outcomes.

Microbial Content Description

  • B. subtilis (4 strains): A blend of specific bacteria known for their strong disease fighting properties. This combination is also a key contributor to cellulose degradation.
  • B. polymyxa: A Bacillus strain known for its ability to convert calcium and iron into immediately available forms.
  • B. polymyxa is also an aggressive cellulose degrader and thatch remover.
  • B. thuringiensis: A Bacillus strain that generates an endotoxin lethal to both surface and sub-surface insects. The endotoxin targets the insect at a cellular level, leading to its death.
  • B. licheniformis: A Bacillus strain known for its aggressive conversion of primary and minor nutrients.
  • B. amyloliquefaciens (2 strains): These Bacillus strains are noted for their potent enzymatic production and exceptional high protein export capacities, as well as for providing tremendous biocontrol of the pathogens causing Rhizoctonia solani.

ByoSoil ByoGrow Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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