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Industrial Plants

Utilize Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic to greatly enhance wastewater treatment operations. Realize benefits in permit compliance, solids reduction, odor control, and plant stability. Regain treatment capacity by enhancing biological performance.

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Control grease trap odors and reduce pumpout costs. The PX-109® Organic product line helps your restaurant to eliminate odors and grease buildups on hard surfaces, kitchen floors and restrooms.

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Treatment Plants

Realize benefits in collection system FOG and odor control, sludge reduction, and increased digester gas production. Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic is a proven tool to assist operators in achieving compliance at the least possible cost.

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Increase crop yields and improve quality. Our ByoSoil products restore beneficial microbes and eliminate high salt content in soil. You can realize more production per acre by utilizing the power of modified humic acid, powerful soil microbes, and an organic biostimulant to spur growth.

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Golf Courses

Grow outstanding turf by replenishing soil microbes and stimulating root growth. ByoSoil is a fast and sustainable solution for troublesome issues such as fairy ring, nematodes and other turf problems.

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