• Byo-Gon PX-109® Organic

    The 100 percent non-toxic, all-natural, non-corrosive, biodegradable Byo-Gon PX-109® is the premiere choice for eco-friendly septic system treatment. Unlike chemical applications that could leech into the surrounding earth and groundwater, or enzymes and bacteria that may not be compatible with your system, Byo-Gon works to stimulate the existing bacteria in the septic system to enhance performance, eliminate odors, and clear plugged leach fields. Byo-Gon is also a powerful and safe stimulant for the home garden composter. The organic solution speeds the process of composting, which makes the home compost pile more efficient and increases the benefits to the home gardener.
    • Treats septic systems
    • Cleans drains
    • Eliminates odors
    • Speeds up composting in your home compost pile
    • OMRI listed for organic use
    Available in these sizes:
    • 5 Gallon Pail
    • Gallon
    • 8 Ounces
  • ByoSoil® ByoGrow

    ByoSoil® ByoGrow is a natural blend that corrects soil problems and provides essential nutrition for healthier and more robust plants. Engineered with ten enhanced soil microbes, a modified humic molecule and a kelp-based biostimulant, ByoSoil® ByoGrow increases natural biological activity, detoxifies soil from contaminants, and accelerates root development. Soils treated with slow-release, salt-based fertilizers, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals damage beneficial microbes in the soil. Fertilizer is not utilized by plants and contributes to runoff to water bodies.ByoSoil® ByoGrow is designed to optimize fertilizer already in the soil.
    • Reduces Fertilizer Need
    • Improves Soil Health
    • Accelerates Root Growth
    • Retains Soil Moisture
    • Adds Organic Content
  • ByoSoil® ByoDetox

    ByoSoil® ByoDetox is an all natural soil salt removal treatment designed for agricultural applications. It detoxifies the soil from the full spectrum of accumulated toxins associated with conventional fertilizers and regular chemical products.
    • Usable in all soil types
    • Contains humic acid
    • Increases beneficial soil microbes
    • All natural
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