Mr. Ronald Pote, President, Byo-Gon, Inc. announces the company has recently opened offices in Charleston, SC. “We’re excited about our relocation from northern New York to Charleston. The Charleston region provides improved access to year-round business opportunities within the various industries we deal with,” states Pote. Byo-Gon, Inc. provides products and services to various businesses including pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, municipal waste water treatment facilities, dairy and cheese plants and others.

Byo-Gon provides an all natural biostimulant used in wastewater treatment, composting and gardening, and other applications. The products are sold online and through both domestic and international distributors in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.

Pote’s career began with International Paper Ticonderoga Mill in 1983 as a process engineer, assuming production responsibilities for 350 employees in 1990 and served as EHS manager for the facility through 1998.

The Byo-Gon business was based on Ron’s original work with the product at Lyons Falls Pulp & Paper where he co-authored a TAPPI paper on the successes in resolving environmental issues at the mill in 1998. He recently developed the ByoSoil product line which is used to successfully remove salt contamination from soils and to enhance plant growth in agricultural applications.

Ron has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science from Miami University and is an avid golfer, cyclist and runner. He currently lives in Charleston, SC where he retains membership of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber’s Environmental Committee, and the Water Environment Association of South Carolina.