Improved treatment plant results during the “Polar Vortex”. This very large pulp and paper mill in the Southeastern US area had experienced a cold and long winter – resulting in poor effluent performance and compliance concerns. The mill was considering curtailing production to maintain compliance with their discharge permit.

Byo-Gon PX-109 Organic was introduced into the aerated stabilization basin in early February with a daily dosage to match incoming BOD loading. An additional injection of product was added in mid-February to “jump start” the resident biological system and increase microbial activity. This resulted in a dramatic upturn in effluent quality with reduced BOD discharge from the ASB. This improvement occurred even with an increase in loading into the wastewater treatment plant from the mill during this period.

The final result was a return to normal discharge BOD levels for the plant, no curtailment, and improved plant stability during this difficult period. Another Byo-Gon PX-109 success story!