ByoSoil® ByoGrow is a natural blend that corrects soil problems and provides essential nutrition for healthier and more robust plants. Engineered with ten enhanced soil microbes, a modified humic molecule and a kelp-based biostimulant, ByoSoil® ByoGrow increases natural biological activity, detoxifies soil from contaminants, and accelerates root development. Soils treated with slow-release, salt-based fertilizers, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals damage beneficial microbes in the soil. Fertilizer is not utilized by plants and contributes to runoff to water bodies.ByoSoil® ByoGrow is designed to optimize fertilizer already in the soil.

  • Reduces Fertilizer Need
  • Improves Soil Health
  • Accelerates Root Growth
  • Retains Soil Moisture
  • Adds Organic Content